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I've always thought a complete the dex run would be interesting, getting to the point where the regional dex has "seen" every pokemon obtainable in the game. I will be doing research on the game to see if this is possible without the assistance of trading, but has far as I know every single pokemon is possible to be regestered as seen withy the exeption of the elemental monkey's evolutions. I will do more research on this to see if it is true and report my findings to the discord. If anyone else knows if this could be a possible run please feel free to dm me any information that could make this a possibility. @HappyDuckJJ#6109

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update as far as I know the only mons not possible to be seens are: In White, Vullably and Mandibuzz/ In Black, Rufflet and an argument could be made for Braviary.

In White, it is impossible to get a "seen" Pokédex entry for Vullaby or Mandibuzz without trading with another player, because they cannot be found in the wild in White, and no in-game Trainers use them. The same is true in Black for Rufflet, but not for its evolved form Braviary, as Miles of The Riches and Cynthia use one.émon_by_Unova_Pokédex_number_(Black_and_White)


Yo, I think this would be a really good category. Though I'd make it more of a Catch 'em All for the regional dex. Either with exclusive Pokemon exempt from the run or with trading allowed.