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"Project: Fundrising 3" is an online speedrun marathon, starting at March 30, for people in need who are struggling financially, have lost their jobs, lost their home, don't have the money for a time-out in their lives.

We don't have a charity. We are the charity.

On PJFR 3 we're raising money for Maria Soria, who's son Jacob was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. He is undergoing extensive chemotherapy treatment, and as a single mother of 5, she is unable to financially support them all because of Jacob's expensive and time costly treatment.

100% of the money raised goes DIRECTLY to Maria Soria.



• The charity event may contain swearing but will be kept to an acceptable range. Inappropriate content that jeopardizes the event are prohibited
Have fun! We all want to have fun as much as possible
• You can to submit up to 3 times in total (length doesn't matter much)
You must join the Discord Server in order to get accepted



Submissions are closed!

This time we're handling submissions over SRC to prevent
troll submissions and a better overview for submissions.

The submissions close on Sunday, March 11th 12am GMT !

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