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I'm still a ways off from learning to speedrun this game (haven't even beat it casually yet), but I was really confused when I looked at the any% easy run. Stages 1-1 and 1-2 are totally different then the stages I got when I played on easy.

So then I looked at the any% normal run and 1-1 and 1-2 are also completely different than both what I got and the current any% easy run WR so how does this game work? Random stages or is it based on what you do in the previous stage? Maybe based on how long it takes you to beat the stage or what rank you get? I don't understand.

Just an fyi, I'm running version of this game on pc which is the most up to date version of the game as of making this post.

I downloaded the easy and normal runs and put them side by side with my video just doing a quick run from the title screen til the end of 1-2. Hope that's ok. As you can see, 1-0 is the same, but 1-1 and 1-2 are all different.


Welcome and happy to see someone take up this game as a speedrun. So from my understanding and time playing the game, seems like the levels are all generated differently. You may still get the the scheme of things such as mission objective but the level layout is RNG. With that being said, yes RNG (super lame) but can always keep runs fresh and new. Never knowing the route, thinking on the fly, and so many ways to optimize this wonderful game.

Also one weird thing that happens is some levels are skipped completely and this can happen to bosses too. I've have a could runs skip the first bone crusher boss by going from 1-2 to 1-4. Same with other mid bosses in chapter 2 and 3. Also in one of my runs I skip I think 4-5 which is a very time consuming level because you have to find the warrior in 3 different locations before you can complete it.

I don't know if this is caused by going back to village to upgrade, spending more time there before going back into story mode but from my attempts, I couldn't figure out why this happened and what caused it.

Hope that helps, please stop by the discord for an easier way to discuss this game any further, GL HF!

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There's still some fundamentals I need to learn, but it seems easy enough to speedrun. I figured out the very basics of the game in a couple hours (enough to at least finish a run). I'm going to experiment with items and ability combinations. I should probably learn the different enemy types too. It's a great game though. I've been following it since it was in alpha and I'm really glad to see someone brought it to (and I'm REALLY thankful I don't have to route the game from scratch😅).


One of my favorite things is routing games and I love the ability tree in the game. Gives quite a different feel then your normal platform. Movement tech in this game is my absolute favorite. Chaining a dash jump into another dash is very satisfying but takes time to learn muscle memory on execution.