We should get some more categories!
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We should get some more categories!

I have been thinking of a new category: no damage. The rules: The player must complete “Pixelated world” “block world” and “Crossed worlds” on Medium difficulty as fast as possible. The catch? The player must play every level in order, without taking any damage of any kind whatsoever.

Let me know what you guys think! (Also sorry if this already exists lol)

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California, USA

Sounds painful but fun to do. If the others get on again someday/somehow and agree to this I think it might be fun.

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Cool! It’s a shame that this game has so few speedruns tho

Also I’ve been trying this and dang it’s harder than I thought it would be lol

Orlando, FL, USA

So it's basically OHKO all over again

Galicia, Spain

Minigames highscore can be funny too