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When I submitted my first run, the game had only one category (Beat the Game) with no rules. I always research about the game before I start to speedrun it. I saw on gamefaqs that you can skip stages by simply pressing start and select, and I made a new route based on this.

Now, can you explain why you did another category for my run in a game with 3 runners? Why did you decide it's a debug feature?
You can mail me the explanation card drawn with crayon you offered me in your "mod reply" that you deleted.



I decided to rescind my rude comment. I apologize for being frustrated at the time.

The Beat the Game category was intended to be played without the debug features that are clearly not intended to be used for normal gameplay. I added a category instead of rejecting your run because I had not specified the rules for the category correctly, so the fault was mine. If you believe, in earnest, that the two runs should be compared to one another, or that the only viable way to speedrun the game should be with a debug/cheat feature, then by all means, let's walk down that road, but I think you can agree that it isn't the same run and needn't be compared to it directly.

If you're very upset that I made a category for a leaderboard with only two runners, then I guess we should call the existence of this leaderboard into question in its entirety. I assume you can see why the runs are different and are only upset that I didn't put your debug run onto the main leaderboard, despite knowing that the runs are clearly different. You didn't find a new glitch. The debug functions were known about. You could also have pressed B on a second controller to move around the screen freely, but we can hopefully agree, again, that it isn't the same run anymore when you add all these things in.

You came up with several subtle improvements to the run that I found very interesting. I was never able to figure out how to control which trick was selected when you pressed the button. I thought it was a fixed pattern, so the fact that you produced three stop lights was interesting. I look forward to checking this run out some more and maybe trying to improve my run.


I'll also add that, by this same reasoning, since I didn't explicitly add in the rules that you couldn't use Game Genie codes, you really missed out on that opportunity, because this game has some good ones. You could just have infinite health, and really shorten the game by not needing to beat all the sublevels.


As I said, there were no rules and other category. That's why I made that commentary in my "Beat the Game" run. I apologize as well.

Yes, I agree that it is not the same run. But now, I found a real glitch that saves a lot of time.

The magic carpet token saves 4 or 5 seconds over the best RNG. It's a frame perfect glitch. After you put the stair token in the box, try to change it pressing L.

The hook glitch it's the same thing, but a frame after the magic carpet. It saves 13 seconds over my best pinkenstein.

Can we use these glitches in the Beat the Game category?

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Glitches are for sure allowed. The only thing I was restricting were the built in debug features such as Start+Select to change levels. I have outlined more clearly what the debug features are in the rules for the Debug category. I'm sorry for all the misunderstandings and I hope that we can collaborate going forward.

These are extremely interesting, and I look forward to checking them out myself soon!


I decided to delete my debug run. It's better to have only the Beat the Game category with the rules. What do you think?


That is fine with me. I'll remove the category until such a time that someone else wants to try.