I need tips
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Hey, I am a new Piggy Speedrunner. I used to speedrun TDS in the past but now the game is just ruined, so I would like to speedrun Piggy. I wanted to ask if any of you have some tips on how to speedrun the game faster, since im very slow at the moment. Thanks!

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watch world records and do what they do

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watch item spawn guides and dont reset if you dont get dead perf also do the hotkeys for the maps : https://www.speedrun.com/piggy/guide/m5i84

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My #1 tip is don鈥檛 put 馃弳BEST ON MOBILE馃弳.

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my tip is continue danny tips:double clicker and my tips:rng hacks.Those two tips are the most usefull tips you could get ever.Make sure to dm me for the rng hacks because youll need them to world record bruh bruh bruh


i have to agree with tds is just ruined the game is extremely boring

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Wow a TDS player what a rare sight


If you have just started playing the game i would recommend choosing one map, watching multiple runs and just entirely focusing on routing the map (the reason you should watch multiple runs instead of just the world record is because there's different routes for different rngs (layouts) carnival is a good example of this.) when you have mastered the routing on this map the next thing to focus on is execution (time it takes for you to grab items) i wouldnt worry much about this if you're just starting out as this is a pretty advanced tactic which doesn't save much time unless your at the top level but when you are at the top level yes, you should focus on exe after you've mastered routing. There's not many tips for execution but there's 3 styles of execution 1. seeing when the cursor appears on an item and reacting to it and clicking right as you see it 2. muscle memory ("guessing") when to click before the cursor appears which is fastest but its really risky and you need a lot of practice in the map before 3rd just a combination of both. You should see which one suits you best also for exe you just have to really practice and that's all

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report incoming.

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6 months ago

start out with one easy map (like house gallery or hospital), learn the route/routes and practice grabs, your movement, and routing (just try and get good times with bad rng and come up with routes on the spot)

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why do i love this ssl guy

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id recommend practicing clip glitches as glitch categories hav less runs Heres a easy to follow tutorial of how to clip glitch in piggy. Hope this helps.

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6 months ago

take the game slow- learn the proper grabs, routes, and movement; be consistent first, and then slowly improve; don't burn yourself out (its really easy to); set realistic standards and remember to play for self-improve and not competition; just have fun with it!

as an on-and-off TDS runner I'm glad to see someone else who plays, hope you enjoy the game!

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