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All Standard Plagues

EpicFailure already made a post about this but I felt like mods might be more inclined to add it if 44th president of the United States of America said it.

Basically the category is all plagues without Necroa, Simian, or Shadow.

pls add or I will become president again and airstrike you.


Yeah, there should be that kind of feature.

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I saw the actual active community want a run "all plague except...", so I will work on that.

I try to realse the new run today :D

could you change the name of the category to 'all standard plagues'?

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i love how obama had to come and threaten an airstrike to get mods to make the category lol. i see how it is

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United States

Thank you, Obama, 44th President of The United States of America

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Yes El presidente xD