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Thread: Any% RTA and Any% No Major Glitches RTA, i.e. "The New Xenogears Stuff"

Started by: ConnorCordellConnorCordell

I understand that since I don't run this game yet and was only appointed a few days ago, take my opinions with a grain of salt at least until I have a time on the leaderboard 😉

Category Separation

Chiming to say that I agree with Chuck on all counts. I haven't dived enough into the run myself yet to understand whether desert skip should be allowed in Any% NMG yet or not, but once that info is available to me and my PS2 arrives, i'll have a better feel for how to think about it 🙂


I think turbo should be considered to be allowed for at least some categories. I'll explain my reasons why:

This is mostly coming from my history speedrunning SMRPG, a game that allows turbo in every category (except Low Level, because memes). The admins & top runners had this discussion a few years ago, and most agreed to allow it. The reasoning was threefold:

1) it's better for runners ergonomically to prevent RSIs. And that run is only 3 hours long, not 14. I think it would be unfortunate for a speedrun of a game to be in direct conflict with the runner's health.
2) The SNES has officially licensed turbo controllers (Super Joy Card). The PS2 also has these (turbo Hori), so the "unofficial hardware" can of worms is not opened.
3) turbo in SMRPG does not provide any gameplay advantage beyond automatic text advancing. This is where I'm not totally sure if my reasoning translates to Xenogears. In SMRPG there are no things like turbo-required RNG manips, and this is because of the unique case of the SNES where the console framerate is 60.0988, which turbo controllers cannot perfectly match, therefore turbo-reliant RNG manips are impossible. I am unsure if the PS2 is similar, because I think if RNG manips were found that are only possible to complete with a turbo controller, that probably wouldn't be a good thing for the game. Curious what others think.

A Challenger Approaches - Segmented Runs

I don't really have any settled opinions on this yet, but thought I'd bring it up and hope people would be open-minded about a discussion. I had the idea in a conversation with Chuck to suggest allowing segmented runs for 100%, solely because the run is so long and I, once again, think it would be unfortunate for a speedrun of a game to be in direct conflict with the runner's health. I think that a line to potentially draw is to allow segmented runs for any speedrun that requires less than 7 hours of sleep per 24 hours, so therefore, any speedrun where world record is 17 hours or greater, therefore Any% NMG and 100%, but NOT Any%.

What do you all think?


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Thread: discord server!

Started by: pidgezero_onepidgezero_one

CC2 and 3 need routing work!


Forum: Crystal Caves 1: Troubles with Twibbles

Thread: We have a discord server now!

Started by: pidgezero_onepidgezero_one

Routing discussion aplenty since the 100% boards are looking pretty bare.


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I don't really wanna be a mod of more boards than SMRPG but i also want my runs verified 😭

Crystal Caves 1's only moderator has been inactive due to irl stuff, i reached out to him on twitter a month ago but never got a reply


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Thread: GFA9 @ Anime North 2017

Started by: pidgezero_onepidgezero_one

Dates: May 26-28 2017
Location: Golden Delicious Room

This event will be integrated into This unfortunately means that you will already need a pass to Anime North to attend as the venue is not open to the general public. Information about passes can be found on the Anime North website.

Schedule coming.


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Thread: how can I request creation of a marathon forum?

Started by: pidgezero_onepidgezero_one

asked in the srcom discord and was suggested to post a thread about this, so here goes

an in-person marathon series in Toronto is approaching its 9th iteration, currently we organize it in the Canadian speedrunning discord, however every time we run this marathon a lot of Canadians come out of the woodwork saying they had no idea it was a thing. I figured a forum might help with that. who can I ask about this?



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Thread: NoReset @ Lan ÉTS Feedback Thread

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

actual feedback (sorry 4 English only):

I have pretty much nothing but good things to say about this event, you guys did an excellent job showcasing Canadian talent with a variety of game genres, platforms, etc. While there were some tech problems here and there I can't think of a single speedrun marathon that hasn't had that issue and you took care of things gracefully. Your team is excellent.

What I ESPECIALLY liked was that you made runners feel appreciated. My SMRPG run went really bad in the second half. Elm's redesign run was not up to his standards either and we were both disappointed in ourselves. But all of you made me feel like that did not matter at all and that you were just having a good time and appreciative of the runner, there was like no tension or awkwardness or selection remorse when we messed something up. There was so much good morale at this event and that is a really important thing to have. QSR guys you are awesome and I was honoured to be a part of your marathon. This really stood out to me.

I love the charity you guys chose. Excellent work.

I guess my only real suggestion would be like, I wonder if the LAN ETS staff could have announced our stuff more. Like on the voice system "ALTTP is starting, head over to the speedrun area to watch" or whatever. It kinda felt like we were forgotten about in the rest of the hype even though there were runs that other attendees really wanted to see. I also hear you guys are working on getting a donation tracker like GDQ has so that would be an awesome improvement.

Really happy you guys raised so much and put on such a great marathon. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you again.

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