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Thread: How to circumvent the forced citation by jorji in a citationless run

Started by: livPlaysYTlivPlaysYT

Interesting, is there any information on how to actually do this? Because this seems off to me otherwise.

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Thread: Leaderboards Help

Started by: piboy14piboy14

Hi, I just have a quick question. If a game that previously had times to the millisecond changed to having times listed only to the second, what would happen to all of the existing millisecond runs on the leaderboards? Thanks for the help.


Forum: Papers, Please

Thread: All Tokens??

Started by: piboy14piboy14

How about a category for collecting All of the tokens. I think this would be interesting as it isn't ending specific and could be routed differently to get different endings depending on what one is fastest.


Forum: Papers, Please

Thread: Timing rules

Started by: piboy14piboy14

I have noticed that for the vast majority of categories there is no defined rules for when to start and stop the timing. Obviously the timing starts upon selecting New as the first input. However there is no consensus on when the timing should end. For ending 1 and ending 2 Clicking on Glory to Arstotska at the end of the ending ( i.e last input) is being used but this is due to convention rather than specific rules. It is my opinion that we need to set a standard for when the timing should finish. I am fine with any number of options but there should be one definition that we always use to aviod any issues.