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back to Full-game leaderboard for chapter 1 LULZ


3 moderators and you still can't find out that any% makes no sense? just put 7 categories CHAPTER 1, CHAPTER 2, CHAPTER 3, CHAPTER 4, CHAPTER 5, ALL CHAPTERS, and the other miscellaneous you want to keep.

But that's just my opinion.


Any% does make sense in my opinion because it is the "fastest" way of completing the given story. The other chapters are just continuations off of it. I personally dislike Chapter 5 which is why I keep Old All Chapters. Also, Old All Chapters used to be All Chapters (hence the name). I can see how you think Chapter 1 should just be on the level leaderboard but I think that it should be considered full-game. The other chapters (2-5) should be left on the level leaderboard though. Also, what would be Any% if it wasn't Chapter 1? Would it be Chapters 1-4 because that was the old way to complete the whole story? No, because it used to be All Chapters. Also, All Chapters is basically 100%. So if we look at it in that regard then I think it makes sense for Chapter 1 to be Any%.

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Also, why does it matter to you? You haven't run this game in over two years.


Pretentious Game was born as a flash game in 2012, and this game named "Pretentious Game" is infact only the first chapter.

Pretentious Game 2 and 3 got released in 2013.
Pretentious Game 4 in 2014.
Pretentious Game 5 in 2017.

So for the web version we have 5 different games.
Different is for the other versions (that I never played) because they have all chapters in 1 game, so All Chapters make sense, while "Old All Chapters" make sense too because chapter 5 got released 3 years later.

Now that I run this game again (LUL) let me share my opinion, I'd put those 7 categories as main categories splitted through Web, Android/IOS and Steam versions.