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I've done an any% run today, and am planning on improving my time at some point in the coming days before uploading it. However, I am also preparing for a potential 100% run. Of course, since nobody's done the category before, there's no rules set for it.

Comparing to The Dog Island, that game wants you to get all scents for 100% and that's it- no speciifcation about quests (though many unique scents are exclusive to quests anyway). In this game, there are quests such as Charles' Golden Angler Fish quest- can I safely assume this is required? Also, what about the Zoo, treasure chests and clothing?

I just want to be sure on this. Thanks in advance 🙂

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Gonna be honest and say we really dont know much about this game or what things there are to collect. We'll look into it and get back to you

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Hello again, sorry for making another post before your response but I figured it'd probably be easier to mention this now than later
I'd also like to ask about the quests from Ambrose and Charlotte in North Pawville- where they ask for "Special fruit/vegetables" and if you complete it you get an extra heart. These aren't registered as a quest in the diary and don't even have a question mark prompt, so while I would lump them in with Charles, at least he gets official "quest" status.

Thanks in advance


Sorry this took a while, but we've looked through the game and some wikis and come up with this list for the criteria for 100%

Complete all main quests
Complete all side quests/optional missions
Complete the zoo
Obtain all 70 fish
Obtain all 35 bugs

Does this seem like a sensible definition of 100%?
You can read about all these things here

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Hey, thanks for this! Seems mostly fine, but may also want to add about obtaining the optional flowers and fruit & vegetable items.
You could also merge getting all food/flowers/bugs/fish into a "complete the magic encyclopedia" rule, which simplifies things a little because that's where all these are in-game (under the "memo" section, if I recall - after you've got it from Beat early in the game), but if you don't think that's necessary then it's not an issue.

Thanks again 🙂

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Hey, coming back to this because I might actually be doing this within the next week or so. Stopped playing for a while, but now I'm back into it and have almost finished planning my route for 100%. Whether I'll have practiced enough is another story, but we'll see when I actually do the run haha

I've planned it around the following ruleset:
Complete the main story + defeat Ivlet
Complete all optional quests (Charles, Maria/Marin at the Catz/Dogz hideout, Charlotte and Ambrose's special items)
Return all the Zoo animals
Complete the magic encyclopedia (get all bugs, fish, fruit & vegetables, flowers)

Basically the same as yours but with the fruit/veg/flower addition. They might not have a strategywiki page (which I find a little odd, since they went through the effort of discovering/explaining bug setups but didn't want to list where the optional diggable items were?*) but in my opinion they definitely count as collectibles for 100%. Especially given, like bugs and fish, they have clothing rewards for finishing them - also you can tell when you've finished a category because you get the respective clothing item in black

Do let me know if there's anything wrong with this, and I apologise in advance for what will likely be 12 hours of RNG fishing nightmares (if my past experience with completing the encyclopedia is to be believed, and yes i'm serious, it took me about that long to catch every fish simply because of the mean fishing RNG oof)

*edit: having checked again, they're actually listed on the "places" page. Not their locations on the map or a full list like bugs/fish, but at least they're noticed


Hey, I have officially completed a run of this. Took 8:26:07, and while my play was bad it was still a lot faster than I thought it would be. Would be neat if the category could be created for me to submit to!

I attempted to follow the route and rules I previously mentioned (which themselves fit into the ones you suggested last time) and I also quickly scrolled through the magic encyclopedia at the end to show everything obtained (it was a rule in the dog island's 100% + it's convenient for someone verifying + can never be too safe)

A few interesting things I noticed from this run:
- The popups for item clothing rewards are extremely long and will interrupt basically anything other than movement, but if anything with a dialog prompt is nearby (eg. a Zoo animal or Saul) then you can approach them to skip it. I didn't know this before.
- Near the beginning of the run, I spend a significant amount of time fishing for Goatfish (in the end, I gave up and saved it for later, only to fish it up first try when returning to that pier late in the run). There's a chance I was just extremely unlucky, but I also noticed I never once caught a Hairtail in that time, which I previously thought to be not a rare fish, just a fairly large one - there may be a chance that certain fish (or certain sizes?) are limited to later in the game. This is something I thought about several years ago, but I recently decided that perhaps I was mistaken (other than the tutorial with Victor, which almost certainly has different rates). This makes me think that maybe I was right before. Also, in the files, the game does seem to follow a chapter system, so maybe it's connected. Not sure how to prove this without someone more familiar with code to look at it.

If this is true, then there's a free 1.5 hour timesave right there for someone (or, uh, probably myself) in the future - provided the rest of the fishing RNG is nice to them lol. I did get a bit of nice RNG in other parts of the game, but the Goatfish was terrible and threw me off for a bit 😛

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