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i was training on pc and following the exact order of the guide "P4G Skill Change Route" but when i tried to get megido on sylph it simply don't get, i tried many times, and yes, i closed the game before fusion, can someone try and answer pls? (slime route)


The skill change manips work but using exact same steps will not because of different loading times and in general of how RNG advances

You can find Megido manip but it will most likely be different from one PC to another as it's looking so far.

The whole skill manip process is a bit hard to explain though and you will need to know how that works before looking for a manip.

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Asapaska, is RNG advancing based on framerate?
If so, there's a way to account for that.


No, it's not based on framerate.

Different aspects of the game advances RNG(like how many stars fall in title screen, the rotating circles in background of velvet room, even birds in shopping district that you can scare away), and there are 2 sets of RNG seeds

I can't really explain it too well but NMarkro has made a tool to track RNG so it is fairly possible to find manips right now.


is there a consitent way to get megido. Must have tried like 20+ times and got it... once. Thought it was just a fluke too 🙁


Consistent skill changes do work on both Vita and PC but with PC you might have to look for a setup yourself since load times affect rng. Some other things that advance rng are the falling stars in the title screen, the top right spinning circle in the velvet room, the particles around the social link bonus exp text and whether or not the main character is moving or not (running pauses rng).

Hard to exactly pinpoint where things are going wrong without knowing what you're doing but yes, consistent changes do work.


wayyyyy too troublesome. either gonna found another way or simply give it up! and by the way does it HAVE to be Me patra that's changing or it can be any skill?


Obviously you aren't required to run the game with skill change manipulations. From my understanding you're running any%, so skill changes don't even save as much time as they would in Hard, Golden End. My any% run for example doesn't do any manipulations whatsoever. Belac's run is also manipulation free.

Skills are divided into different ranks and skills can only change to skills within the same rank. Megido is a rank 3 skill so only rank 3 skills can change into it. Early on the most convenient skills that can turn into Megido are Me Patra and Dekaja.


ok thanks for the reply. yeah wanted to try my hand at any% first. Radu's run was kinda mind blowing. so much skills manip. But it was kinda fun watch him one shotting bosses (like kanji). And also i see runners switching the V-sync On and off. does anyone know what's up with that?


V sync off makes game run at 120fps (but it makes the game way harder because shadows move way faster)

Turning v sync off makes the game run at same fps as your monitor refresh rate (60 for most people)

Having 120 fps makes fast forwarding way faster though so before ending the dungeon they turn off v sync again

(Also, I believe manips are less consistent with v sync off, not sure on that though)