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Hi everyone, after this conversation coming up multiple times over the last couple of months everyone is now on the same page and changes were enacted!

1: No more JRTA timing!

This was a relic of the past and probably needed to go sooner. The new timing now starts at new game as usual and ends at the end of the boat escape when the screen fades to black at the end of the Ultimate Being chase sequence. See here for an example: In this case the end time of the run would be 2:42:31. This cuts 15mins of doing nothing from the run.

2: In game time is no longer tracked. This is a result of no longer requiring a new game + save split time after the credits. IGT was never used for rankings and only tracked to provide context for runs on different platforms. It had however many issues with consistency and was never a useful information for runs that included resets or pauses.

These 2 changes affect both the New Game and New Game + Normal Ending categories.

New Game + Chrysler Building remains unchanged.

All runs have already been re-timed and updated.

And finally, Plywood was added as moderator to land a hand which is greatly appreciated.

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