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Is Test Driver allowed? Marshallracer is the only one using him even though his car is around 15kph faster on the straights.


Good question actually, honestly I don't know. I'd say let it be allowed unless he beats the current WR by like 20 or 30 seconds


tbh I just went for the Test Driver to compensate some time lost due to bad driving lol
If I could get the opportunity to pump some time into this game again I'd try it with him again though, at least as long as he isn't pushed into his own category. Using him is kinda like NG+ since you unlock him after mirrored mode iirc

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Technically speaking, no. Since any% is done from a clear or non-existing save file, selecting the Test Driver wouldn't be possible. I can always create a misc category for that purpose, though. Like Marshall said, he is unlocked and thus he is not part of the start of the game.

I'll let his run slide for now, he can improve a lot anyway 😃 I honestly didn't check the run, I'm a lazy mod but rightfully so, as runs come in very occasionally.

But just to be thorough it should always be the norm for any leaderboard that any% starts from square one, unless it's NG+ or something.

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Dang .. yeah, back to Rachel it is then.
I wouldn't mind a NG+ category though, especially as it could help clarify the usage of Test Driver to any potential new runner(s) and the respective runs can be moved to the correct categories (if this is possible on this page, idk tbh)

Even if I'm still off the pace by over a minute on Any% with Test Driver, the only "true" Any% run I did was the PS1 run I've submitted. Wouldn't even hurt that much because as you rightly mentioned, there's still a lot of time to gain for me anyway.


Okay, thanks for the answer Tume.