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Here is a guide on speedrunning any of the gamerias, enjoy.

1: Do the customer glitch. if you don't know what that is, well it's switching between the Order Station and any other station quickly continuously for a few seconds, what this does is speed up customers walking in, let's say it takes 30s for a customer to walk in, but this glitch makes one come instantly after peforming it. (Note that this glitch is not in Pizzeria or Burgeria)

2: Memorize the customers' orders, at least the closers'. You should know what to start cooking before you take their order, example if you see <blank> walking in, it would be advised to start making <blank>'s order.

3: Have the food ready. Now this tip doesn't really help for all gamerias, but for Burgeria, Taco Mia!, Pancakeria, Wingeria, Hot Doggeria, Pastaria, and finally Sushiria. It's a big timesave if you start cooking the food in those said gamerias before customers get in, you can use the customer glitch for customers to come in quicker to see if you're cooking the right food.

4: Use the free tips to buy boosters early on. This doesn't affect older gamerias as they do not have the links, but all of the gamerias that have the free tips by clicking their Twitter and Facebook links, you definitely should get these free tips, this affects All Ingredients/Any% and Rank 5 speedruns, as you should get the boosters as fast as you can.

5: Try to get a good score even when you're rushing. As you may know, you will make much sloppier orders on a speedrun as you want to rush them, rather than carefully placing the toppings, but you still want to get a good score, because the higher points will help you rank up faster, this tip affects Rank 5 speedruns less however, because you just need to get to Rank 5 as fast as possible, so just get enough points within 5-6 days to get a good run, and once you have enough points during a day, just fail on orders, like place no toppings and don't even cook the food to finish the day as fast as you can, and then after the day, you'll be Rank 5, but on an All Ingredients/Any% speedrun you try to get a higher rank, so you don't fail on any orders until you're at example, Rank 65.

6: Get star customer awards. This tip is all up to RNG, there's no way you can force a customer to come (except in Sushiria), but getting a star customer award is a huge timesave for both All Ingredients/Any% and Rank 5 runs, as it gives you up to 300 points instead of up to 100 points. (Note that in a Rank 5 run you can only get up to 2 star customer awards, also note that getting a star customer award is really rare in a Rank 5 run for all the gamers except Pizzeria and Burger, but if you do get one that's great, getting 2 star customer awards in any gameria on a Rank 5 run is almost impossible, even in Pizzeria and Burgeria, again if you do get two, that's amazing)

Hope this guide helps you with your runs! 🙂

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