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here's some first categories:
Time starts on "GO!"
CPU battle: Time ends when "Pac-one" is visible.
Blind Time attack: Time ends when you complete the Time Attack
Score Attack: Time ends when you reach the required score for the category.

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I would agree, also I do want to point out that in Score Attack at least, I vote for in game timer, since if you lose a life, you also lose one level of speed... which greatly affects the run.

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(edited: )

I'd like to send a Blind Time Attack run lol

btw is it better to use the in-game time or real time for this one? (Personally I prefer in-game time)
Edit: nvm I thought that the timer was stopping while eating a ghost but it's just the time limit thing on the right

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Requesting sub-categories for the "Battle Royale" category:

Top 50
Top 10

maybe Death% as a misc category?


> Quote, maybe Death% as a misc category?

It would fit if there's was a CE Of the game to have meme runs.

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