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Just a few things to consider when submitting runs.

- You must be signed into your SRC account to see the Submit run button!

- Availability: Post the time zone you are referring to for your availability. If not specified, we will assume EST.

- Number of Runs: You can submit as many runs as you want, but please consider submitting them together as much as possible, so it's easier to track.

What can you submit? If you can speedrun it, submit it! We try to include both Retro style and Modern style games.

- Incentives: Make sure that your incentives specify how much more time we have to add to the run if it is met. You can specify more than 1 incentive.

Score Attack/Exhibition submissions: Select this if you'd like to offer something else than a speedrun, think of it as a half time show in a sporting event. Examples of this would be a music/instrument session, offering some sort of comedy arrangement, Presenting/talking about other gaming related content, etc.

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