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Edit: Category has been separated.

This has been the subject of the occasional talk for a while now in the Persona Discord (several years), and since it's particularly difficult to contain an opinion on the topic via a discord chat, I figured it would finally be best to simply put it on here instead. So the air can finally just be cleared on everyone's viewpoint.

This would be a preposition to separate runs that utilize the Final Boss Skip from runs that include the Nyx Avatar fight. Whilst both hit the True Ending scene/Credits, it's no surprise that cutting the Final Boss and requirement to finish Tartarus (or really even do it at all) greatly affects the run as a whole, not only the outcome but also the direct routing process as well as overall difficulty of the run.

I'll include a list of known runners for the game and can edit this to include the verdict for the runners (either seen via discord, twitter, etc), unless moderators would rather keep an internal tally of this before they discuss it and come to a decision.

(These are all users who have been confirmed to run the game in some capacity, either via their runs being posted on here, or have ran but not submitted, as well as game moderators regardless of the two former.)

I am personally for allowing The Answer runners to participate in this vote, as it is still technically their leaderboards despite Nyx Skip not affecting that category. However, if someone wants to counter point this then it is welcomed.

( @T3tsuyaT3tsuya has zero involvement in Persona speedrunning so have not included him. )

@NeviutzNeviutz -
@Ghoul02Ghoul02 -
@MulsqiMulsqi -
@lilfatkidlilfatkid - No preference, but doesn't mind separation / FOR
@LivLiv - FOR Separation
@DarkkefkaDarkkefka - FOR Separation
@GhostScitGhostScit -
@FlutterPlsFlutterPls - FOR Separation
@Nmarkro -
@KeeanolookalikeKeeanolookalike - FOR separation
@newby24newby24 -
@EuphoricFoxEuphoricFox - FOR separation
@YogidamonkYogidamonk -
@FayandeFayande - FOR Separation
@asapaskaasapaska - FOR separation
@WorldieWorldie - FOR Separation
@ChampionBeefChampionBeef -

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I don't run the category so I don't really have any preference. Just posting something so you know I've responded.
I see no problem with Separating them into categories though, or maybe having it as a variable.


I Think Separation Makes Sence. So Have Me For If That Means Anything lol


For separating.
Runs aren't even remotely similar


I'm for seperation. To clarify for game categories, I'd prefer if "No Nyx skip" was instead refer to as "Hard, true end, great Seal". Great Seal is the final move you use against Nyx and how me and Markro have referred to "No Nyx Skip" since I've been running the game. No preference on order of runs, but Great Seal has had more runners in the past 2 years as apposed to the 2 or 3 attempts Yogi attempted 2 years ago. So in my opinion Great seal should be first as the main category, then regular Hard, true end, then The Answer.

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I only really ran the Answer due to how taxing Journey actually is, so take my vote as a grain of salt.

That said, I agree mostly with what Flutter said, separate and have the no Nyx skip called "Great Seal" or something similar (since you can't really have True End as condition due to tecnically both hitting True End), and it should be the first/main category.

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For separation.

Nothing I can add here that people haven't already said.

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I am for the split/separation.

This should have been done a long time ago, right or at least when comments like were made:

"This run does not perform the Nyx Skip. So it will become Obsolete when I do one that does."

To my knowledge, most games when encountering skips like that are separated pretty shortly after the discovery of such a major skip/glitch: Prince of Persia, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, etc.

Even if we compare this within similar leaderboards (SMT for example) the way the runs were not separated made even less sense. You would not want the runs that are like 30 minutes by using a major glitch and runs without it that are like 2 hours on the same leaderboard, would you?

Keeping the runs together reflected badly compared to the rest of the series' leaderboards and by keeping them separated there will be the same level of organization as with the other leaderboards.

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