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What we qualify as a single player run, is if you are using only one controller to complete the game. So, since the ps3 allows you to change your controller num ber ingame, you can change your controller num ber and spawn another sackboy, while the previous sackboy stays in the game for a short time. While the other sackboy is still alive, you can change back and forth between the sackboys to control them invidually. With this you can perform all of the multiplayer sections in the game while still using one controller.

Here is a playlist of all the x2, x3, and x4 sections in the game done with only one controller


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It's called updating when you are going up in the version numbers. If you're on 1.02, you must start updating the game and let it download 3 patches. There will be a download and installing phase for each patch. After the 3rd update has installed and the 4th one starts downloading, cancel the update and there you have it, LBP3 version 1.05.



EDIT: As I was writing this, and went back to see the game's cover, it had updated xD I wonder if some of the admins updated it or it was pure luck


I had first set a picture for the game, but then finded a better picture for it, but it is not changing the picture anymore