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There was a Lucio speedrun challenge recently. My friend of mine, PlasmaNapkin, won. So, I came here to check to see if you guys has any Lucio speedrun records or had a board for them. It seems you do not. FeelsBadMan

Here is his run. It is pretty awesome.


This seems rather pointless, to be honest. It's just jumping around, I don't even know what the meaning / objective of this is. This isn't something I would run, nor be interested in. This would just take up more space on the leaderboards that probably very few would do. (ILs are an example of this, although, it's getting more attention right now.) As well as the fact, just because it seems like a good idea, is it really necessary to add it to the boards? Isn't something I would want, but that's my opinion.

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I would do runs of getting from one side of a level to another with lucio. It would be an interesting category to have either each level from one side to the other or doing all of them back to back somehow. (Possibly in custom games?)


This is an old thread, but I would LOVE to see this. It's not just jumping around, it actually takes skill unlike most of the speedruns on this game.


Responding to this thread since this is the original one, since enough interest has been shown, if a decent amount of people do runs and post them on this forum, I will make Lucio runs into a category.

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Thanks gamebrain i'm so bored of running just practice range I happy to see new catagory's


Can we make it to were there is so speed up like you have to use default settings please that would be much harder


Here's what I'm thinking:

Each map has a determined start/endpoint, which are really close to Point A spawns.
Lucio is not allowed to amp.
Lucio is not allowed to use beat drop to finish (the idea is to use as much wall riding skill as possible).
Landing is a DQ.
Sliding on slanted walls is fine.
2 categories per map: A-D (attack to defense) and D-A (vice versa).
1 category for IGT of all maps.
Timer starts on first movement.
Timer ends as soon as Lucio touches the ground in front of appropriate spawn.
After completing the run, you must show game settings in the same clip or the run is DQ.
Timer on-screen is optional?


If he's not allowed to amp, it'll just take longer for no good reason. Amp It Up should obviously be allowed, this is supposed to be SPEEDrunning!

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I tried a run with Amp and it made about a 1 second difference...

Not sure if I was using it right.



It's up to runners to decide at the end of the day, but I think allowing amp is a good idea.