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I've found a new way to interact with the Wrong Warp glitch, but this time it can have an impact in the game which may drive us to a rule change.

The new way of doing the WWG consist in pressing the level you want to have and immediately pressing the level you want to have the number. For example, if you press the number 1 followed by the number 18, you will be playing the level 18 with the design of the level 1.

This new form of the glitch allows the player to Warp to any level of the same chapter. Also, it seems to be way easier to do than the old method.

This can be a real problem for the leaderboard, because of the fact that you could play the faster level of the chapter in every level.

I see two ways of solving this problem: banning the glitch or changing the name of the old Any% to Any% Glitchless and create a new Any% category with the glitch allowed.

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Good work again DEMO, crazy glitch! I think your second solution (Any% Glitchless and Any% categories) is most sensible but welcome other's comments. I would be interested to see a full glitched run!

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