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Phase 1

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
fd907fd907 Resident Evil 2 (2019) New Game (PC) 1:10:00 PC USA Link Because I explain my runs very well and very serious about the content I create. 5 3/21 - 3/23 - 6PM PST ( For all days)
MushySRMushySR Cave Story+ Best Ending 1:25:00 PC JPN Link Overall, Cave Story+ Is Somewhat Underrated But On The Marathons Where It Happens To Be Run It's Entertaining To Be Honest 5 I Barely Have Any Ideas For Some Donation Goals But There Exists A Category Called Normal Ending Hard Difficulty Where You Can Barely Get Any Heart Containers And Almost Everything Kills You With A Single Hit, So If Anyone Donates 5 Dollars Before The Run Starts I'll Have To Do This Challenge. Something Interesting To Note Is The Fact That If This Donation Goal Ever Gets Met The Estimate Will Be Increased To 2 Hours And A Half So I'm Usually Available At Almost Any Hour During Weekends, Otherwise I May As Well Be Available While It's Nighttime During Weekdays
MushySRMushySR MOTHER (Earthbound Beginnings) Wrong Warp (Exhibition) 0:15:00 Link Barely Anyone Knows About This Trick And All The People Who Run This Game Still Haven't Gotten A Single Run Where They Use This Trick Despite It Being Consistent Enough For RTA Runs (It Works 60%-80% Of The Time As Long As You Know What To Do) 3
Ninpalk Yooka-Laylee Any% w/ flight 0:32:00 PC USA Link Recommendation 3 Fight the final boss with PANTS 21st-23rd in general
JeremyMKWJeremyMKW Super Mario Bros. Warpless 0:21:00 NES JPN Link The original Super Mario Bros. is a classic game, bringing nostalgia to many. On top of that, it's a phenomenal race and marathon category. Being around a 20 minute category, it's neither too long nor too short. 2
Mars02Mars02 Super Mario All-Stars Any% 0:37:00 SNES JPN Link To (hopefully) convince more runners to speedrun this and to show the current leaderboard more recognition since this is a fun category. 3 On March 21 I can run from 4PM eastern time to 8PM eastern time. On March 22 & March 23 I can race from noon eastern time to 8pm eastern time. Anytime in the ranges that I stated will work fine.
MushySRMushySR Kirby's Adventure Any% No Major Glitches 1:15:00 NES EUR Link I Mean, Who Doesn't Love Ya Boi Kerb? 5 Well, Usually I'm Available On Weekends Or Otherwise At Nighttime On Weekdays
ReptillianGamerReptillianGamer Halo 2 Easy 1:25:00 X360 JPN Link Halo 2 is arguably one of the most movement oriented speedruns within the Halo franchise. From flying across levels with a sword, walking through walls, or skipping minutes of the run by utilizing enemies and lunge mechanics. While not as combat intensive as Legendary, Easy is a much more skill-based run due to the relatively low amount of sections which depend upon enemy RNG. 5 Arbitrary Unit Possession Showcase: Showcases a co-op glitch which allows you to possess other bipeds (enemies, some vehicles, etc.) within the game. Estimation of about 30 minutes. Quite honestly, not sure what the goal should be for it. This occurs right around the time of my Spring Break, so I should be available March 21-March 24. Preferably a morning time-slot, as my internet seems to act up during the later portions of the day.
xShonnenxShonnen Final Fantasy XIII-2 Any% 3:10:00 PS3 EUR Link It is a cool game : ). PB in the video description. 0 Nekton nickname: Atomos-Illuminati-McQueen Gahongas nickname: Tango-Valefor-Zed Chichu nickname: Jeff-Kebab-Whiskers Any except between 13:00-14:00 CET
xShonnenxShonnen Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Any% Normal 2:30:00 PS3 EUR Link It is a cool game : ). PB in the video description. 0 Garb 1-Garb 2-Garb 3 money incentives before and during the run, the Garb with the most money raised is the one that has to be predeterminated, forcing to pause the game if it is surpassed by another Any except between 13:00-14:00 CET
sammmysammmy One Leaves 100% 0:04:00 XboxOne USA Link I want to spread the word about this game, mainly to get people to help find more glitches or strats 1 Due to North Carolina shutting down school for 2 weeks, I will be available from 12 PM to 8 PM for next week.

Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
Blackwin5Blackwin5 Digimon World: Next Order any% 2:50:00 PSVita JPN Link Beloved Franchise in Digimon. Has interesting Routingoptions so there is alot to explain as to why i do what i do. And for a Digimon game its rather consistent w/o any real RNG factoring 2 much into it. Definitely one of the best games from the franchise to have at a marathon. 5 Takato vs. Shiki (Playercharacter) Sat and Sun are both fine. as long as its between 10am and 9pm gmt+1