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For the few of you who have not seen the new run, here it is:

This run obsoletes the former world record from "f1" by 19 seconds.

At 2:27 in the video, Entuous drives in a narrow hallway and clearly activates the NOENEMIES cheat. From that point onward, he is not bothered by the merciless mafia that should be killing runs left and right. Due to his blatant cheating, his runs should all be removed and the user banned. It's also worth getting our hands on the modified file he's using to run the game, as he is clearly the only user on the boards with a "PC [emu]" tag rather than Web. I am scared to know what sorts of physics and stat changes he's made to my favorite childhood flash game.

The current record for this category is 7:17.2 by f1 and I challenge any talented player to beat his amazing speedrun record.

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@Entuous I challenge you to play 100% as it's supposed to be played. Yes, I could rip down your so called "world record" but I won't. I'm bigger than that. I'm a nice guy.

Instead I'll let you remove this run and play it like a man.

What's it going to be? Are you a coward?


The reason for "Emu" is because he is using an offline client to play the game since it is no longer playable on the web.


Well, you split 0.13 seconds late on your Quad Desert Fury GBA Challenge Mode speedrun, and self-verified that incorrect decimal, so frankly I don't trust a word you say. For all I know, every runner on this board here is on Web, but this one outLIAR is using Professional Cheater. I'm getting really suspicious of this community by the second.


Hey, now I feel like crap. That was supposed to be a joke. We're all sure you didn't cheat, I get why it's PC emu, etc. f1 is my brother and I was cough obligated to defend his honor. Grats on the runs, and you should resubmit your 6:58 for an accurate PB/WR history. Welcome to speedrunning. I expected us to laugh it off I guess, if you didn't cheat you should stand up for your runs!


I wholeheartedly agree. This was ridiculous behavior on the part of the supermoderator of this game who joined in.