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I got an idea to create a category about getting pp. creating multiple acount is not allowed in osu!, but we could make it that you get pp for idividual plays and then the pp is added. I would also make it a difrent category for each mode.

for instance: 750 pp osu! category. daidai gerome (insane) HDDT SS-368pp + bill nye theme(Saccharomyces cerevisiae) HDDTHR SS- 489pp

I woul also make a rule that you have to play more than one map.

(sorry for bad english)


interesting concept but way to complicated


It sounds complicated but its not, you just add the pp. The hard part is finding maps that you can consistently get good scores on, that means eweryone has a difrent "route". Its also skill based, so we might see top players running it.

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110% agree with this idea. Currently what we have for runs here is not skill based at all, it's literally just finding the fastest songs you can and then playing them and since they are all sub 30-second songs they are just super simple.

The issue is that helium has a point, it would be difficult to add up all the pp. You don't want to try to add it all up right there on the spot since you're speed running and gotta go fast. You could go back and look at all your plays and use Tillerino to tell you the exact amount of pp you would get from each play but then people could easily make it look like a play they had saved already was the play they did.

It could be done but either it would require the person to use a fresh version of osu! so it has no saved history or for HEAVY moderation, of which I don't see coming from this community as it stands since it seems mods are not extremely active.

I'd love to see it happen though and would be willing to help out in making it a thing if it's needed.

Edit: I removed my run since after doing some digging through the forums here I realized that I broke one of the rules that is SUPER unclear and should be fixed. I commented about it there and asked for it to be clarified.

Edit: Wording


I watched osu! coffee hour and peppy said that he tries to read all the e-mails he gets about osu!

We could maybye contact him and ask him about something that would allow you to create a new account for like a day and then it would get auto deleted.

if he agrees we could run the pp categories and even stuff like all achivements or banned% and it could get easily weryfied by the runner showing his account.

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First, off I think banned% is a really bad idea since a) it's cheating 😎 it's multi accounting and c) it's promoting bad behavior.

BUT more importantly, we don't need to even ask peppy about the pp thing since you would not need to make another account. I was just thinking about this very thing whilst playing and recently I had started work on a bot for the irc on osu! and I was thinking now that we could just make a bot (like Tillerino) that can calculate how much pp something is worth. Now I know there is irc support but I am not sure if the bot would be able to spectate you and automatically tell you how much pp you would have gained, if so then we got ourselves a perfect way to do it. If not we would need to find a work around.

Basically what I am saying is we can make a bot that you can type commands to to start a run and it will automatically start adding up your pp and can even keep time for you. There is a lot of good things that could be done with it and would make speed running that category SUPER easy to get setup and do. Could even keep track of the records in case the mods of this game do not want to add this category. We do not really even need this page, it would be nice and all but not needed. (If this sounds like a good idea to others here I can start on it and make a GitHub page for it)


After speaking with a mod and doing some research I believe that a pp category will be possible and I have started work on a bot for assisting it. The bot will be a while in development but as soon as it is somewhat functional I will make a separate post in these forums and put it on GitHub. I was going to make a fork of tillerino, however, that does complicate things a fair bit and although I may reference some stuff there every now and then I think making it new would be easiest (at least for me). If someone thinks otherwise feel free to make a fork of tillerino and adjust it for this project and we can try to merge what we have into something better.

There are a few things I am still thinking of and trying to work out but most of them can be addressed in another forum post once we have something going for that and a GitHub page. One thing that may not be able to wait so long is do I make this a server side thing or client side thing. There are pros and cons for each. If I make it server side then I will have to host 24/7 which involves me keeping my pc on all the time or paying for hosting. It does make it lots simpler and allows for some possible neat things to be added later. With client side it would be harder for someone to setup and use also may be less trusted given that it would still go through the irc chat so you'd need to supply your irc username and password. Pro would be that it is always up when you need it and at no cost to me except making the actual thing.

I suppose it can be switched to accommodate either or have the client one released as a backup but that is just one of the things I am still trying to work out on how to do this. I do think it is 100% possible though. (maybe 99%)


propably make it a client side thing.


most complicated speedrun to set up i have ever seen xD


I really really doubt peppy is going encourage content to a meme as long it's not influencing the game, or system, or community, or whatever of osu!. Since how achievements (talking of hush-hush) are now obtainable, there really could be an "All Hush-Hush Achievements" category - you don't have to get every "medal" again though.


The problem with all hush-hush achivements is tat more are added over time. So we either make all runs obselete after a new hush-hush achivement is relesed, or have more categories.I got an idea about how it could work. After 31.12. of each year we take all hushhush achivement ever relesed until that time and make it a category. For instance 31.12. 2017 - we take all existin hush-hush achivements and make "hush-hush 2017" category.


Is the pp bot still being worked on?


the exact formula for pp is known right? i mean we could just calculate the pp afterwards. so lets say i play 3 beatmaps to get to 750pp that i know give around 250+ each. i play the maps and record the time. then after that we can check how much pp the maps gave, and if the sum is above 750pp the run is valid.

tillerino gives you the precise pp by writing /np first and then !acc [accuracy] [highest combo]x [amount misses]m, e.g. !acc 98.92 794x 0m

it would take a bit more than just checking whether the time was measured correctly, but i think this category makes the most sense


This is the easiest way to do it. The runner does not have to be sure that the run is valid after he does it, the run can be checked afterwards.

We need an examle run, then we need the moderators to make the category.
i think that 1000pp, 2000pp and 5000pp are good categories for osu! standart, I will try to make an example run of 1000pp.

I also heard that tillerino and EZpp are in accurate, we should find an accurate pp calculator. From what I saw, the realtime pp calculator circle people use in some videos is only a few pp inaccurate with its final result, but as long as we all use the same system, minor inaccuracy does not matter that much.

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https://osu.bitti.io seems to be accurate (using oppai)


okay i did a simple test speedrun for 200pp

pp screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Z6p7e

map1 + map2 + map3 >= 200pp
77,94 + 67,09 + 81,01 >= 200pp
226,04 >= 200pp
-> run valid

if timing starts on starts on pressing enter in song select and ends on last scoreboard then its about 1:51.

i suggest that we make a rule that you need at least x beatmaps played so that skill in general is rewarded but the spirit of speedrunning isn't left behind


i can make osu! extensions and add a bunch of categories like pp categories , 10 FC 5 + star and whatever category you want


That would be great.
Could I be a moderator there?


1000pp speedrun

unbreakable 130
samurai 141
ktawaredoki 131
cbcc 217
bravely you 147
granat 85
harumachi 84
kibo refrain 96
total 1031
run valid

that cbcc play is now my 3rd top play lol

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