Any% - RU Campaign in 2h 42m 34s by NefaremNefarem - 2nd place

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Name Duration Finished at
We are the Champions 2m 46s 775ms 2m 46s
Hunting Grounds 6m 11s 196ms 8m 57s
Wipeout 11m 40s 089ms 20m 38s
Prayer for the Dead 13m 30s 752ms 34m 08s
Water is Wide 9m 31s 202ms 43m 40s
Step by Step 7m 16s 811ms 50m 56s
Fox hole 6m 58s 530ms 57m 55s
Build-up 18m 15s 292ms 1h 16m 10s
Epsilon chapter 7m 50s 579ms 1h 24m 01s
Pursuit of progress 3m 04s 246ms 1h 27m 05s
New end 16m 14s 054ms 1h 43m 19s
October Revolution 7m 53s 475ms 1h 51m 13s
Triangulation 25m 45s 897ms 2h 16m 58s
Primary Colours 4m 37s 885ms 2h 21m 36s
Final Battle 20m 57s 979ms 2h 42m 34s
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