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Hi everyone. I have recently found a gameboy color version of this game that was only released in Europe. It was branded as probotector, however... it was ported with the J version. I noticed a huge difference in spawn rates in level 5. So I went back to the Japanese cart and it's identical in coding and gameplay as the J version. The GBC version I mean. So... This got me to thinking. I remember playing thru the J version and noticing the same spawn differences in level 5. they spawn from in front of you. also in the NTSC version they only spawn from behind you. furthermore the doors in the elevator sections are more sporadic in the J version as well. you don't know how many spawns are going to come out. where as the NTSC version i think only certain doors in the elevator section are set spawns. like each door will either be 2 spawns per door or 3 spawns. but the J version they're all over the place on spawn rates. I think the J version is coded differently for RNG.

this being said I think the J version should have it's own category as I had to change a lot of the route just to make it work lol. hope this will help boost this game and more people might be interested in a more challenging version 🙂

thank you for checking my post. and HUGE thanks to Toad22484 for telling me about the fourms on here. I had no idea the forums were a thing lol.