Half-Life: Opposing Force Forum  /  Why not start: Half-Life: Opposing Force Category Extensions?,And I would like to be MOD of any category extensions of the expansions and of the own half life

Good afternoon people, my new question is:

Why not start: Half-Life: Opposing Force Category Extensions?

I understand that when we talk about half life or its extensions. There is not much interest with your category extensions.

But, I can propose again, at least 7
active players for this let's say new "challenge" for the opposing force

But if you do not have ideas either, I can propose myself as a mod, only for the category extensions of any expansion and Half-Life.

And if I still can not convince you here I have 3 possible cadidatas for a possible Category Extensions

1) Survival%
- Pass all opposing force with a weapon without being able to rearrange or not be able to grab the bullets of certain weapon

2) Any Original Game
- Pass all the opposing force, but without doing the mechanics of movement like, bunny hop or long jump and etc, it will also be forbidden some bugs to skip some parts of the maps of the game for example:

Skip the plane that is electrified, which is starting the game.

3) Glitchless
- Pasarce the game to 100% without using glitches or mechanics such as bunny hop or long jump

And I will be honest, I practice the Any% Original Game and it is possible to pass the game in less than an hour, the current record or my record is of 54: 17.24

and I return and I repeat, if you need more players, more ideas for your category extensions, I can help and I would like to be mod of "ONLY THE CATEGORY EXTENSIONS OF THE EXPANSIONS AND OF THE HALF-LIFE OWN"

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Long live the new categories!

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