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As a new runner of this game, I figured any% would be the easiest category to start with. I did a run through of the game doing all the glitches and they were all easy enough, except for one. The credits warp. I tried for hours and couldn't get this glitch a single time. However, then I tried something different. I had seen Greenalink's video that showed how you could wrong warp to Ganon's Castle as child Link. I tried that glitch and was able to finish the game as child link pretty easily. The problem is there's no category for beating Ganon as quick as possible. I think an "Any% No Credits Warp" or "Beat Ganon" category would be great for newer runners who can't do glitches with the blue warps and don't feel like learning a 4 hour glitchless run. On top of that, actually beating the final boss makes the any% run a million times more interesting. I'll be doing a run of this soon so don't worry about there being no runs of this new category, but honestly I'm sure more people will want to run it.

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along the lines of the the RI Wrong Warp at the end is probably the hardest trick in the game, or close to it. It requires a lot of practice and grinding to get it down. It's frame perfect, the item menu has to be hit at the right time and you have to be close enough to land on the edge of the warp. aron has a great video of it in his recent post. So i'd say check it out. It's in general a really hard trick and can discourage new runners, I went through the same thing; just give it some time. There's other methods too that can work. For example you don't even need to home buffer the trick, you can just mash the button. (it's abit consistent but if you know the timing for using RI without side hopping it's pretty much the same thing. A few runners have told me that works for them.)

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I've done a few runs of this. Here's probably the fastest route:

Any% until you place FW in goron city, but instead go to kakariko and place it there.
RIWW, learn Nocturne
DHWW, Ocarina items, play Nocturne
Beat Ganon

It's really not that different from any%

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Hmm, what about Any% No RIWW because this is the trick that probably drives away most people who are considering running this. The route I used was also Any% up until placing FW in Goron City but instead of placing it in Kakariko, I placed it in the Kokiri Shop and did DHWW to get to the Lakeside Lab, used FW to get to DC, entered the boss door and went back out to warp to the tower collapse, placed the wind here, game overed and quit, entered my file again and warped back to the tower collapse. From this point you can go on to fight Ganon or you can purposely game over again to have your sword changed to the master sword which makes the skeletons way easier. Anyway, what in saying is that this is a pretty simple route to get down with some practice and doesn't take multiple frame perfect inputs which is my issue with this run right now.


Yes it's a hard trick. It takes everyone an hour or two to even get once at first.

No, that does not justify making a new leaderboard category for something so small with very little interest. You also don't need to have a leaderboard category to speedrun something 😛


I also don't see how "Beat Ganon" would be a million times more interesting when it's the exact same run except you have to watch Nocturne, do an easy DHWW, watch some more cutscenes, and kill Ganon


I really don't see how some of the current categories such as Master Quest All Dungeons are more legit than one that requires you to complete the final boss of the game as quickly as possible. I'm just saying that warping to the credits is not the most exciting way to end a run. On top of that, most games that have a major glitch also have a category that bans the major glitch. But I understand that there's not a lot of interest in this at the moment so for now I guess I'll just run it for fun.


You can still submit your runs to the Any% leaderboard even if they don't warp to the credits. Technically any run of any (normal mode) category fits the definition for Any%.

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