Glitchless - Regular Quest in 4h 18m 23s by ChefBearChefBear - 7th place

First run. Uses a 3DS with an R trigger that doesn't work 90% of the time

Played on Nintendo 3DS [USA] on

Submitted by ChefBearChefBear on

Verified by benstephens56benstephens56 on


Name Duration Finished at
Enter Deku 6m 08s 460ms 6m 08s
Emerald 3m 54s 679ms 10m 03s
Letter - -
Saria's Song - -
Enter DC 23m 15s 695ms 33m 18s
Bombs 6m 56s 392ms 40m 15s
Ruby 5m 31s 641ms 45m 46s
Bottle - -
Boomerang - -
Sapphire 21m 07s 273ms 1h 06m 54s
Child Dungeons - -
Longass Cutscene - -
Hookshot - -
Bolero 17m 38s 754ms 1h 24m 32s
FW 5m 15s 086ms 1h 29m 47s
Iron Boots 5m 37s 764ms 1h 35m 25s
Hammer 11m 09s 839ms 1h 46m 35s
Fire Medallion 7m 33s 759ms 1h 54m 09s
Enter Forest - -
Bow 13m 30s 315ms 2h 07m 39s
Forest Medallion 10m 36s 704ms 2h 18m 16s
Longshot - -
Water Medallion 19m 24s 264ms 2h 37m 40s
Gerudo Card - -
Requiem 13m 05s 137ms 2h 50m 45s
Din's Fire 4m 00s 664ms 2h 54m 46s
Silver Gauntlets 7m 18s 587ms 3h 02m 05s
Nocturne 5m 27s 167ms 3h 07m 32s
Mirror Shield 5m 17s 343ms 3h 12m 49s
Spirit Medallion 15m 25s 146ms 3h 28m 14s
Hover Boots 3m 10s 124ms 3h 31m 24s
Shadow Medallion 13m 49s 764ms 3h 45m 14s
Enter Castle - -
Gold Gauntlets 12m 33s 666ms 3h 57m 48s
Trials Skip Skip - -
Free World Record 20m 34s 835ms 4h 18m 23s
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