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For a while now ive wanted to learn All Dungeons or MST, and ive heard MST is one of the easiest to learn for beginners but All Dungeons is one of the hardest; but how? The only difference is the Trials, in all dungeons you skip the trials (Which is very easy). Are there other differences im unaware of? Responses would be appreciated, Thanks



The current All Dungeons route is easier than MST since it's very similar to MST but with basically unlimited explosives. Whoever said it isn't was probably referring to the older route. I've never actually heard of anyone saying MST is a good beginner category, No IM/WW and any% are usually referred to when someone brings up what's good for beginners. MST is alright for beginners but there are many more tricks involved.


Alright thanks @Valientlink, I will check out the route and everything for All Dungeons. Do you have to do the DOT skip in All Dungeons though? cause i have never been able to do the DOT skip and have always avoided doing it.


All the main categories aside from any% and glitchless require DoT skip. Its not that bad, just keep at it and you´ll get it

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Dot skip is pretty much used in anything but Any%. It can be annoying sometimes for any player but you should get it fine with practice.

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Alr well thanks everyone. Ive been trying the DOT skip for years but ill go back and give it another shot.


Marthur: I dont know if you are familiar with the OoT Discord, but if you have any questions, you could always join that. You'll be able to get answers much faster that way. I'll leave an invite link here if you want to join that.


Oh thanks @SnipinG117 , ill have to join that.

The invitation was expired when i clicked on it.. is there another way to join?
My discord is MarthurSR#2508


do you still need an invite?


@Fig02: He's already in the server, I gave him a working link a while ago