i dont know what srm is


you should probably ask the discord, but it stands for stale reference manipulation


Isn’t that when link is holding nothing?

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srm is a way to manipulate code with a certain name that consists of japenese text.(you are only able to do srm in the japenese version i believe) when you do srm you get almost every item that link is able to obtain. im not going to go in depth on how you do srm, but here is a link to a video by Daniel Baamonde that does.


english has SRM, but certain SRM doesn't work on english, because you need japanese characters in your filename


Doing srm doesnt just allow you to get every item in the game. It can be used to access different areas of the game via wrong warps, it can even allow you to get f boots, which literally looks like a cheat.

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can someone link a video of english srm? i havent seen an english srm, and i would like to try it.


You can do trick on english that you can do on japanese provided it doesn't use JP characters in a filename.
For instance in terms of SRM tricks both pot chest and butterfly rewards work fine on english.

Pot chest
Butterfly rewards

I would advise joining the discord for other questions as reponses will be quicker and more tailored to the answer.

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thank you mutantaura for the links. i will try these right now.