There should be a category called Deku% that starts when you select the file and ends when Gohma dies. I apologize if this is already a category.


what is the point of that category lol
perhaps "inside the deku tree" in the level leaderboard is something for you

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@GeitenkaasNLGeitenkaasNL i mean you do have a point 😕

(edit) mega side hop, gohma quick kill, nah nah nah nevermind.

(edit 2) and deku as adult link? aaaaaa

the point of Deku% would be to do it without Adult Link, unlike in the Inside the Deku Tree leaderboards, but I don't have anything attached to my account rip me lol.


New category Idea: sans%

Here is a vod of the whole category WORLD RECORD:

Rules: You must obtain the skull mask and the fairy ocarina, then go to the temple of time graveyard and play the start of megalovania (A A c-Up c-Right)


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SnipinG117: Additional categories can be requested here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ootextras

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@adamcoolcatadamcoolcat I'll try your category. Timing stops on final note?

(edit) dang you're actually pretty good

(edit 2) i quit the run after getting caught outside castle 3 times and 4 times inside

Final Edit: I managed to beat sans% in 44 minutes, while I got caught 6 times, accidentally went to Kakariko, and wasted some time.

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@adamcoolcatadamcoolcat Hard Version: get Zora's Sapphire, then you go to the Temple of Time graveyard. Instead, play the first 6 notes of Megalovania, instead of the first 3.


@adamcoolcatadamcoolcat I may have found a faster route, not involving the Forest Escape with the rolling and timing, but instead a Navi-Dive, going to Kakariko, getting the Bottle, Bugs, then going to Hyrule Castle with the time left, get Zelda's Letter, go back to Kakariko, opening the gate, getting the Skull Mask, and performing Ocarina Items Glitch to play A, A, C-Up, C-Right.

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@adamcoolcatadamcoolcat I beat your record in sans% by 2:34 seconds. (run was 35:04) I don't have video proof, but I have splits.
Escape: 5:33
Bugs: 12:28
Letter: 25:04
Mask 1 (sold): 31:51
Skull Mask: 34:37
dunna dun dun (end): 35:04

All splits in the route explanation will be separated with "|".

Here's the route: (it's long)
I played on the Japanese version using Wii VC.
One character name. "ツ"

| First, I only got the Kokiri Sword, since the Deku Shield is not required.
I made my way to the Lost Woods and performed the Navi Dive, which would save at least 2 minutes, which you would be using up to get the shield and Ocarina. | I made my way through Zora’s River and to Kakariko Village. I got the Bottle and Bugs. | I then went to Hyrule Castle and got the Letter. | I made my way back to Kakariko and showed it to the guard, went back the Happy Mask Shop, got the Keaton Mask, delivered it, | got the Skull Mask, | went to the Temple of Time graveyard, put on the Skull Mask and performed Ocarina Items by backflipping, and midair, tapping Bugs and then the Sword button, and then finally playing A, A, C-Up, C-Right, and then stopped my timer.

You should also request this as a Category Extension, really cool!

(yes, another edit) I'm gonna do the harder version of the run, with Zora's Sapphire!

since it's Japanese version, I'll make my character name "サンズ", it doesn't translate backwards though, it says "Sands" instead.


lmao i just got 30:10, I played on Japanese N64

Sword: 3:55
Shield: 4:53
Escape / Ocarina: 5:54
Zelda's Letter: 19:55
Letter to Guard: 22:31
1st Mask: 23:43
1st Mask Sold: 24:43
Skull Mask: 28:31 (had to wait for bridge)
Finish: 30:10


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I saved a massive chunk of time on the ocarina escape and not bugs and bottle


@2q2q GEE GOD, HOW'D YOU GET HERE SO FAST?! -Bowser, Something about Super Mario World by TerminalMontage


@Brock0903Brock0903 if you have discord add kcaj#4271 ill talk to you on that! 🙂


@2q2q I don't have Discord because of m y p a r e n t s but how do you get the Escape so well?


OP you can tell you don’t have discord 🙂

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I'm gonna test if getting the Chus in the Well and damage boosting to Hyrule Castle is faster than the normal (trip, egg, trip back, wait, wake talon)

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I'm gonna test if getting the Chus in the Well and damage boosting to Hyrule Castle is faster than the normal (trip, egg, trip back, wait, wake talon)
edit: I don't think it was