so recently I've been learning GIM and everytime i jump off the cliff it crashes upon landing in the water any help?


are you on emulator


I dont think Emulator could handle the GIM Method


If you google for the Rice plugin (n64) it will allow you to get gim on emulator, but the pausing is very bad.


Emu runs using GIM are not allowed on the leaderboards


Oh, I saw ikswozol submit an emu run just a little while ago and I remember alien having one on the leaderboards forever. How come @SnipinG117? Emulator with gim is slower and more difficult than vc.


Yes those runs were on here, but they were removed. They should not have been verified in the first place.
The rule that emu runs need to use default settings has always been there, but it wasn't enforced properly. We had a discussion in the oot discord and it was agreed that GIM on emu is not allowed, even though it is slower for the category.

That doesn't keep anyone from doing runs, they just can't submit their times.


I see, thank you. Strongly disagreed though.


I assume they disagree because they do not own a Nintendo Wii system so they can't play on VC to use the GIM route.
Although I agree with the ruling because GIM can't be done on N64, which is what they are emulating while using Project 64.


@SnipinG117 Practically if someone wants to do runs of the fastest and most fun route and don't have access to WiiVC, why should they not be able to submit their runs? Especially since it's slower, and the pause buffering on the Rice Plugin is horrendous (you can't even see the background) if someone is able to get a good time on that, I give them props. Wouldn't you?

@eb0nyzero Note: GIM is possible on N64 it crashes because of an hardware limitation on nuts specifically.


In some situations it could be faster on emu, so we have to just generally ban it. Making specific exceptions is just messy and doesn't make sense. They can have just as much fun, even if they don't submit their times.

And regarding gim its possible to do deku nut gim on n64/emu no rice if you use a magic bean to change the model that appears after you jump in the water. Slow of course, but possible.