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So I just got back into playing this game, and I was wondering what the easiest category is.


At the moment it is not easy to say what it is now that there are newer routes and improvements but I’d say No ACE


GSR is easy enough to learn but difficult to master, it's also safe from any new glitch stuff cause it's banned.


@Brock0903hBrock0903h Since you don't have any submitted runs yet does that mean you're a beginner? I would reccomend the old Kak Route for Any% just to get yourself aquainted with the game so you can find your feet and get comfortable with things. Some quick youtube searches of ''Any% Kak Route'' should let you find tuts and stuff.

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This is by far the best tutorial for the kak route in my opinion:
It will teach you how to beat the game in under 30 minutes in not too long as well as some of the fundamentals of oot speedrunning. From there you have many options such as the GIM No ACE route or even GSR without having too many hard glitches to learn.