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as the title suggests how do u use a gc controller on wiivc as when I launch oot on the wii it says connect classic controller any way to use GC controller pls respond as If you can I will buy a gc controller if not a classic

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yeah you can use it
just plug it in

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you plug the GameCube controller into the console. if there are no GameCube ports on your Wii, then you'll have to pick up a new Wii with the GameCube ports if you wanna use a GameCube controller


You can also just use the classic controller if it doesn’t


Everybody here says to plug it in but nobody really says how.
On older Wii consoles, there are Gamecube ports.
The newer ones don't.

Check on the top of your Wii (if it's facing upright), and you should see two little covers you can flip open.
If you don't have them you either have to use a Classic Controller or just buy an older Wii.