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I recently wrote an item randomizer for OoT. The item randomizer works by shuffling entries in the get item table. any items which are held over Link's head with a "dun dun dun dunnn" sound, that are NOT played in a cutscene, are randomized. This includes:

- Chest Items
- Shop Items
- Heart Pieces
- Heart Containers
- Item Upgrades

and excludes:

- Gold Skulltulas
- Items in cutscenes (LACS, Fairy Ocarina)
- Shop items that are already in inventory
- Item drops that are already in inventory

You can download the romhack here:

If using PJ64, make sure to turn on "Advanced Block Linking".

This ROM-hack is currently in beta. The 1.0 release will include:

- Unrandomized Small Keys, Treasure Chest Game Keys, Compasses, Dungeon Maps, and Boss Keys.
- Protection from more than 20 hearts
- A Japanese release
- Skipped intro

Have fun!

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Since the MM randomizer by DeathBasket, i always thought an OOT randomizer would be cool, so ill check it out for sure.

One question though; is it randomized by filename? thats how MM randomizer and Beta Quest were so i figured itd be like that. Plus that way its good for races
Also is there a WAD available at the moment?

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I know its in beta, but i should let you know that after playing it for a while, i realized a couple file names gave me the vanilla items... I tried Marthur, and also a filename with all 9s and they both had the same thing. i then tried ABC and it was randomized again. Just letting you know. also having the keys randomized is a little chaotic, same with BKs and stuff. please keep working on this though, its a lot of fun


Hey how is progress on version 1.0? or even a beta 1.X? Looking forward to any kind of update. Thanks.


I played a good amount of this and had a great time with it for a bit. I managed to get the Mirror Shield in place of the Kokiri Sword and Deku Sticks gave me Zelda's Letter. lol

However, I did notice that the small keys 'were' randomized and that caused me to hit a wall right before the adult dungeons. Every Heart Piece I picked up was the small keys specifically to the Fire Temple (gamesharked to see what the keys were for). I started another file, only this time the Slingshot was a small key to the Spirit Temple... I haven't checked further into that yet but I'm assuming every save file results in a dead run due to having little/no access to small keys.

I would really like to see an update of this. In a way, I found more enjoyment out of it than the Majora's Mask randomizer.


Yeah,the Randomizer needs a fix.The Chest-guy in Hyrule Market gave me 50 ruppies instead of a key xD


You are lucky you got 50 rupees I lost the game before it even started with the very same 1 rupee you get from loosing.


So i win instanly,and you loose instanly? xD FeelsBadMan Iam now stuck however,because the next step i have to do is to skip the Door of Time,but that is more luck than skill,because i play on Keyboard and the game runs a little bit faster for me i feel 😕


Oh playing on keyboard sounds like a real pain in the ass... Just get a 360 controller.


My thoughts:
I like what we're set up for, the thing could be SO much better with a bit of tweaking, I seem to get the same few seeds over and over again with really rare cases where I get something entirely different. It barely feels random to me, and that's taking out the fact that you're only really randomizing item IDs, not the items in whole (ex. every time I get a heart container, I get a "Weird Egg") I don't know if you can make it more random, but that would help a ton as it'd give the player more of a chance to get different items.

Aside from that, I'm excited to see this expanded upon and updated to perfection (or at least as perfect as you can make it) - that said, idk if making the maps and compasses not random is a great idea considering that's two less items per dungeon you could obtain. But that's just my silly thoughts, I just want to see more. 😃


I just can not get the game to run.. I mean the game plays fine, but it is not randomized in the least bit. Any advice?


I think it'd be cool, Finap, if you could also write something in this randomizer that randomizes where the game takes you when entering a building (ex. Shop, Great Fairy Fountain, Dungeon, Temple, even a dude's house). The thing is, it would have to have places that Child can go to have 3 buildings take you to the 3 child dungeons, so casual players can make it through the randomizer as well. I think it'd be a really fun addition to the program to have, in Kokiri Forest, potentially, a Fairy Fountain, Fire Temple, Shadow Temple, and Dodongo's Cavern XD it would seem to be very fun. I hope you consider this and btw good job on the randomizer!


Checked back here to see if any progress was made.

My suggestion is keep items randomized except for small keys since I keep hitting a wall. There are ways to skip entire dungeons with glitches but you miss out on the random loot in those dungeons which are impossible to reach because of those damn locked doors. lol Ah well.


Question, is this a glitch required randomizer, as in do you need to bombchu hover, skip door of time, etc.?


@JdkzGlitchmaster Generally in randomizers for any game, yes glitches are required to complete the game. You could potentially get really lucky with the items you receive and complete the game without using glitches but generally you must use glitches to progress at particular points. its kinda the point of playing a randomizer. OOT randomizers are no exception


Saying that you generally need glitches to progress in randmomizers (or that the point of playing a randomizer is to use glitches) is not entirely accurate or correct. Plenty of randomizers have logic that prevent you from needing glitches to progress. ALTTP has such logic (and they also have one that does require major glitches for those who know them) and I've even beaten many Beta Quest seeds without glitches.

While glitches can help, plenty of randomizers are designed with logic options to ensure that glitches/major glitches aren't required. Obviously I don't know what kind of logic existed (or is planned to exist) in this randomizer, but if the right logic is put in place, glitches won't always be needed.


As someone who loves OoT, but utterly sucks at glitches, I personally would definitely appreciate a version that has those logic rules in place. Like, the playthrough requiring non-normal progression? Sure. but I personally am unable to leave the forest because I completely suck at the glitches and such that could get me out.

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