Any% in 17m 04s 883ms by Torje (Obsolete)

I lost 4s to doing the wrong strat for lighting the torch before scrubs on accident, and I lost 4s to bad rock spawn at collapse (very rare). Will keep pushing for sub 17, this run minus those two mistakes is exactly what I'm looking for!

Exact retime: 17:04.88

Watch with chat replay:

Played on Wii Virtual Console [JPN] on

Submitted by Torje on

Verified by Fig02 on

Name Duration Finished at
Enter Deku 5m 52s 917ms 5m 52s 917ms
Item Delay 1m 07s 698ms 7m 00s 615ms
Scrubs 1m 17s 952ms 8m 18s 567ms
Gohma 0m 36s 694ms 8m 55s 261ms
Bugs 1m 27s 191ms 10m 22s 453ms
Ganondoor 1m 12s 630ms 11m 35s 084ms
Collapse 1m 57s 356ms 13m 32s 440ms
Ganon 3m 32s 442ms 17m 04s 883ms