Glitchless - 100%, Unrestricted in 5h 35m 36s by realtimeattack64realtimeattack64 - 1st place

Submitted by:
realtimeattack64realtimeattack64 on
Played on:
Wii Virtual Console [JPN] on
Verified by
loafofbreadloafofbread on


Name Duration Finished at
Shield 4m 46s 000ms 4m 46s 370ms
Slingshot 2m 30s 000ms 7m 16s 550ms
Deku Tree 2m 59s 000ms 10m 16s 385ms
Zelda's Letter 15m 08s 000ms 25m 24s 946ms
Sun Song 6m 36s 000ms 32m 01s 543ms
Dampe HP 1m 35s 000ms 33m 37s 433ms
Goron Bracelet 7m 37s 000ms 41m 15s 275ms
Bombs 5m 07s 000ms 46m 22s 567ms
Dodongo's Cavern 3m 45s 000ms 50m 07s 971ms
Beans x2 6m 46s 000ms 56m 54s 566ms
Ruto's Letter 2m 52s 000ms 59m 46s 788ms
Boomerang 5m 32s 000ms 1h 05m 19s 616ms
Jabu Jabu's Belly 3m 17s 000ms 1h 08m 36s 729ms
FW + 3rd Bottle 7m 54s 000ms 1h 16m 31s 589ms
Master Sword 9m 39s 000ms 1h 26m 11s 435ms
Hookshot 7m 10s 000ms 1h 33m 21s 751ms
Cojiro 3m 22s 000ms 1h 36m 43s 869ms
Goron Tunic 2m 26s 000ms 1h 39m 10s 046ms
Iron Boots 8m 17s 000ms 1h 47m 27s 777ms
Minuet 5m 21s 000ms 1h 52m 49s 236ms
Bow 7m 25s 000ms 2h 00m 14s 411ms
Forest Temple 9m 39s 000ms 2h 09m 53s 949ms
Longshot 10m 13s 000ms 2h 20m 07s 298ms
Water Temple 5m 23s 000ms 2h 25m 30s 546ms
Gold Scale 7m 09s 000ms 2h 32m 39s 674ms
Gerudo Card 8m 11s 000ms 2h 40m 50s 828ms
Requiem 4m 18s 000ms 2h 45m 09s 541ms
Megaton Hammer 9m 36s 000ms 2h 54m 45s 594ms
Fire Temple 5m 42s 000ms 3h 00m 27s 916ms
Odd Mushroom 3m 42s 000ms 3h 04m 10s 832ms
Odd Potion 8m 09s 000ms 3h 12m 20s 407ms
Child 2 5m 57s 000ms 3h 18m 17s 604ms
Lens of Truth 6m 32s 000ms 3h 24m 49s 707ms
Fishing HP 2m 54s 000ms 3h 27m 44s 523ms
Skull Mask 0m 51s 000ms 3h 28m 35s 727ms
Deku Sticks 30 3m 45s 000ms 3h 32m 21s 725ms
Bomb Bag 30 4m 41s 000ms 3h 37m 03s 405ms
Zora River Done 4m 25s 000ms 3h 41m 29s 221ms
Din's Fire 2m 11s 000ms 3h 43m 40s 641ms
Graveyard Done 2m 30s 000ms 3h 46m 10s 786ms
Silver Gauntlets 7m 16s 000ms 3h 53m 27s 018ms
Mask of Truth 6m 05s 000ms 3h 59m 32s 218ms
Chest Minigame HP 3m 38s 000ms 4h 03m 10s 262ms
Deku Nuts 30 1m 51s 000ms 4h 05m 01s 867ms
Adult 2 2m 43s 000ms 4h 07m 45s 863ms
Poacher's Saw 10m 07s 000ms 4h 17m 53s 464ms
Broken Sword 7m 26s 000ms 4h 25m 20s 110ms
Ice Arrow 5m 40s 000ms 4h 31m 00s 152ms
Prescription 3m 22s 000ms 4h 34m 22s 969ms
Zora Tunic 2m 57s 000ms 4h 37m 20s 561ms
Biggoron Sword 6m 55s 000ms 4h 44m 15s 739ms
Shadow Temple 8m 47s 000ms 4h 53m 03s 466ms
Mirror Shield 7m 02s 000ms 5h 00m 05s 628ms
Spirit Temple 8m 25s 000ms 5h 08m 31s 444ms
4th Bottle 9m 39s 000ms 5h 18m 10s 959ms
Golden Gauntlets 2m 28s 000ms 5h 20m 39s 307ms
Double Defence 2m 46s 000ms 5h 23m 25s 783ms
Ganondorf 4m 19s 000ms 5h 27m 45s 713ms
Ganon 7m 51s 000ms 5h 35m 36s 975ms
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