Any% in 17m 23s by RichardSage (Obsolete)

Top 3! I'm really happy with this run. Frame counted to 17:23:12. Time to grind for World Record.

Played on Wii Virtual Console [JPN] on

Submitted by RichardSage on

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Name Duration Finished at
Enter Deku 5m 56s 221ms 5m 56s 221ms
GIM 1m 16s 433ms 7m 12s 655ms
Gohma 1m 54s 032ms 9m 06s 687ms
Deku 2 2m 00s 345ms 11m 07s 032ms
GanonDoor 0m 47s 577ms 11m 54s 610ms
Collapse 1m 55s 009ms 13m 49s 620ms
Ganon 3m 33s 499ms 17m 23s 119ms