GSR in 1h 12m 54s by CountLGCountLG - 1st place

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CountLGCountLG on
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Wii Virtual Console [JPN] on
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ValientlinkValientlink on


Name Duration Finished at
The Great Escape 5m 06s 000ms 5m 06s 189ms
Enter Guards 7m 02s 000ms 12m 08s 431ms
Master Sword 5m 19s 000ms 17m 27s 902ms
Hookshot 7m 25s 000ms 24m 53s 187ms
Hover Boots 2m 04s 000ms 26m 57s 645ms
Shadow Medallion 2m 09s 000ms 29m 07s 234ms
Bombs 4m 31s 000ms 33m 38s 258ms
Minuet of Forest 3m 58s 000ms 37m 36s 297ms
Enter Wasteland 2m 29s 000ms 40m 05s 503ms
Mirror Shield 2m 15s 000ms 42m 20s 577ms
Nabooru Knuckle 3m 10s 000ms 45m 30s 643ms
Spirit Medallion 4m 21s 000ms 49m 52s 049ms
Fairy Bow 6m 08s 000ms 56m 00s 102ms
Great King of Evil 10m 58s 000ms 1h 06m 58s 581ms
ƒin 5m 56s 000ms 1h 12m 54s 981ms
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