Virtual Console Gecko Codes for Practice
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Virtual Console Gecko Codes for Practice
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Trying these now. Looks like you've added a lot more options in terms of items/equipment ect. Looks promising.

United States

An issue I ran into just now is that there are 435 lines of code and the max codes allowed at once with load debugger off is 425. I compiled my own gct with the codes given so I'm not sure if I accidentally added a few lines of code.

I'll remove anything that I don't necessarily need for practice to see if that'll fix the problem.


These look really promising, trying them out as soon as I get home

Buffalo, NY, USA

Is there an easy way to print these codes in the format you have them in the spreadsheet? My browser would only allow me to print pieces of the page at a time and I like having hard copies of stuff like this.

[section=General] Finally just made my own site for the codes so the Google site is not going to be maintained. The main thing about the new site is that there is a Code Database with all the codes listed. This allows anyone to change the activators to whatever they want.

The site is

[section=Links] GCT Files

Activator Lists:


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