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So it seems that Onechanbara Z2: Chaos has a common PC bug to do with the games FPS being tied to the games physics and animations. The game is intended to be played at 60 FPS no more else it appears to alter gameplay significantly creating a large uneven playing field with certain hardware.

I cannot 100% confirm why it is happening or with what hardware specs yet but further investigation will take some time. We do know that currently like another game I know that has similar issues "NieR: Automata" that FPS breaks the games physics and animations which is not suppose to be happening regardless of Hardware specs.

At this time if PC runs are being submitted they must show an FPS counter and must be clearly visible in the recording, this will not affect previously submitted runs that show no signs of FPS playing a part in the games physics and animation speeds being significantly faster.

If anyone else has any insight on this feel free to let us know.
Once we have an better understanding of this problem with the PC version we will look at retooling the games ruleset for PC runs exclusively where its necessary going forward, this also may require a complete split on the categories for PC and Console.



There is a fix for the FPS bug which affects the gameplay speed and physics.
Should you be having this issues check out this post for the solution.


Going forward all PC runs will need to be displaying the games FPS on screen and must be clear and visible.
Runs that do not show FPS or that cannot been seen clearly will be rejected.

You can display in-game FPS via steam without issues.
Game should be running at its intended 60 FPS and no higher.