Any% - Balanced + in 1h 21m 14s by ÆtienneÆtienne (Obsolete)

6 months to finally beat this PB with a solid run. \o/

Very slow kaysaa skip 2 and a mistake in prison with Indrik.

Shout-out to Qlex, with whom I discuss during this run. ☚(<‿<)☚

In-game time: 1h 20m 10s

Version: 1.02

Played on PC on

Submitted by ÆtienneÆtienne on

Verified by TricrowTricrow on


Name Duration Finished at
Prélude 3m 50s 000ms 3m 50s
1 - Coupable 6m 35s 000ms 10m 25s
-Ratika 9m 48s 000ms 20m 13s
2 - Cruauté 9m 14s 000ms 29m 28s
-Ludomir 12m 52s 000ms 42m 21s
3 - Trahison 6m 16s 000ms 48m 37s
-Indrik 15m 10s 000ms 1h 03m 48s
4 - Transgression 11m 21s 000ms 1h 15m 09s
Voden 6m 04s 000ms 1h 21m 14s
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