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Hey, I'm currently training the Amateur Any% Run of OlliOlli. During training I simply start up the game and run through all the Amateur levels. Now before I submit an actual run and go though the trouble of recording and uploading I have these questions about the rules:

- Do I have to start on a new save file or can I run the already completed levels on my current save file? Running an already existing file eliminates the possibility of accidently 100%ing a level and spending time in the "You have unlocked a pro level"-screen, other than that it is practically the same as starting a new game.
- If I can use an already completed save file, is the order in which I play through the levels/worlds relevant or can I decide for myself? I know it would probably use up some time in the level selection screen to do so, however I struggle a lot with the Base levels so I would like to start with these to determine early if the run is worth continuing - as of now I sometimes land every jump and grind perfectly up until Base 1, where I then crash a hundred times in a row and lose the run 😃

I watched the current world record and I'm very eager to try my best at a top 3. This game is a lot of fun and a great start for a first speedrun for me, thanks to the uploaders and thanks in advance for an answer.