could we add all 17 stages in to the level leaderboard ?
4 months ago
Stockholm, Sweden

could we add all 17 stages in to the level leaderboard ?

i was thinking would be so fun to speedrun the levels in this game with maxed out weapons and so on could it be added?

but it seems you cannot acess all levels when you want like in dmc3 for instance . so i guess you have to do savefiles if you want to have op gear.

  • No it's not fun and this game is not a level based at all.
  • You cannot replay old chapters. You just revisit older areas to grab miss-able items and such before jumping into new chapter.
  • The only thing that is relevant when it comes to level based is Dark Realm. Nothing more.
Stockholm, Sweden

you can access the levels through save files though, dont see why they cannot be added.

Stockholm, Sweden

nobody has runed the dark realm levels.

i still wanna see all 17 levels being added.

Stockholm, Sweden

this game is level based its not like its an open world game , then i would understand that it could not been added. and there are good speedrunning mechanics for this game .on different levels you can even access to diferent weapons items and different characters. after you defeat every stage you can do a save . so then you can grind each stage. with no problems and it even works on ng+ . i could see this category being popular but it can also be subjective. everything is subjective when it comes to speedrunning. and it doshent affect the full game leaderboard . people can always run the full game.


If this was level based then you would be able to play the intro chapter again. Same thing goes to fighting old bosses. This isn't Devil May Cry. You don't get result at end of each chapter just overall score at the end of the game. Accessing them in save files is different than having to actually selecting them. I'd rather have it to be a feature in a game.

You need to understand and factor that this is a niche game and difficult for many people to get into because of PS2 only platform. Emulation is not perfect either and have its own issues with menus and broken graphics...etc.

Just because nobody ran it doesn't mean it makes the point of 17 levels being valid. You are not under an obligation to have a category behind it either. If you are that desperate for an arbitrary category instead of running what's already there then just do single disc runs then I will consider adding them in ILs once its done.

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