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My friends and I recently completed Oblivion 100% on Twitch and have no way to submit the run since there is no category. If anybody would like to verify it we have a checklist of all the requirements and the video on our twitch page and soon to be on our YouTube channel.

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This game doesn't have a % counter so there's no meaningful definition of "100%". I also don't ever see anyone else competing , so I don't really see the point of adding a category.

Also, there seems to only be 1/3 of the video up? If it's a segmented run I'm not sure it belongs up on these boards.

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It is definitely not segmented, we just have the video split up due to both youtube and twitch having a video length limit. The Twitch VODs are getting taken down soon, and we should have the run reuploaded to youtube soon. The definition of 100% is defined on the UESP at the following link:

The definition of 100% is to max all the finite statistics on the Stat screen in game.

Also, given that there are 5 categories that have been made with no submissions yet I find the reason that no one else is competing to not make sense as a reason not to add it, but do what you want since it is your board I suppose.


Good point, I've cleared out all the empty categories.

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Well if you are going to remove those, you should probably just remove all the ones with only a single run submitted as well, since those also have no foreseeable competition. That would be All Guilds, Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles, and Arena. Or maybe removing categories is what discourages competition and makes the community even less inviting to new runners?

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You did a 3 day long lets play with a timer with a big group of people that followed a random UESP article. But yes you're right, there's just as likely going to be runners for that than anything else on the boards, of course.

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