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Hey, we were discussing about how to order this lb on Discord and I thought it might be a good idea to discuss more about it here.

The main points of the discussions were:

1) Right now there's A LOT of categories, it might be a good idea to either put some into Misc. or to use subcategories.

My suggestion would be to have categories for 1 char / 12 char / Co-op / Unlock all char and then use these subcategories:
- 1 char -> any% / all area / captain
- 12 char -> any% / all area
- Co-op -> 2 players / (3 players?) / 4 players
- Unlock all char

(Edit: also the NTT fans around here could argue in favor of a NTT subcategory. Which would be perfectly fine imo.)

2) Several people are discouraged to post their run here because only your best char counts. This leaderboard is basically a Steroids leaderboard.

With 12 different characters in the game I'm not sure it's an easy problem to solve because each solution has pros and cons but we could at least talk about them.

i) We could create 12 subcategories, one for each char. That'd create a lot of subleaderboards and most of them would be mostly empty at first. But that could motivate people to compete on other characters and submit runs that aren't Steroids.

ii) Alternatively, we could keep character played as an option but also enable it as a subcategory. We would keep only one leaderboard that way, but your pb for each character would appear in it and you can filter by character within two clicks.
There's a risk of flooding the leaderboard if everybody start uploading their pb for all 12 characters, but I'm not convinced it would be that bad. And if it comes to that, then that'd mean we have plenty of runs for each char and we could switch to the "12 subcategories" alternative.

To give examples, first possibility is used by the Enter the Gungeon community:
Second community is used by the Resident Evil 4 community: (see how ROTO has two runs in there, one with 60FPS, one with 30FPS)

3) I really don't understand why we have the "Character" option for the 12 char categories, it doesn't make any sense. Could we please remove it? (Edit: done.)

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I'm agree with Senen, and i think the 2nd alternative is better.
I have some time in all area that i be like to see in the leaderboards

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Hello, i'm ok with these suggestions, putting some categories in misc. and/or creating subcategories would be great.


you could view character specific leaderboards by clicking the "filter" button at the top of the leaderboards and selecting one of the different characters under "P1 Character". while this would cut down on the clutter of having a bunch of different runs by the same person on the same category (like in the RE4 leaderboard), the filter button isnt obvious to a lot of people meaning runs as different characters wouldn't be very visible unless someone was really looking for it. besides that i feel like solution 1 is best, the 2nd one can get really cluttered with people having 12 entries on the same leaderboard, yet not being ranked...

also, can i get a link to this discord? wasn't aware a NT speedrunning discord existed, i was actually going to ask if someone could create one lol

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It's not a NT speedrunning Discord, it's a NT Discord. Very few speedrun discussion out there so far.

Also, yeah, for second possibility, you can filter by character which allow you to see a specific character lb. My only worry is that it fills the standard leaderboard too much.

Edit: Oh, I just realized you ask about the Discord where we first started to discuss categories. It's a Discord server for a french "speedrunning competition" called [Ultime Décathlon](, last year one of the game we competed on was Nuclear Throne, so we had quite some people running the game. We still talk about it a lot. (Also, now that we're mods, I'm probably gonna add all the runs from then on SRC.)
But a proper place to do it would be better, maybe we should ask for a #speedrun channel on the NT discord server or something.


I made a first try for cleaning up categories. Tell me if anything seems off to you or if you think there's a better way to display things. As far as I'm concerned, it looks way better than earlier today with the 8 different categories all jumbled together.


categories definitely look much better. we can figure how to handle characters later (i may tinker with it, but have never really dove into editing leaderboards on

and yeah, i figured out about ultime decathlon from a bit of asking around some friends since i was pretty confused why the game had such a huge french runnerbase, lol. a channel dedicated to speedrunning in that throne discord would be neat, or just an entirely different discord.


Btw, I just realized that the "Filter" tool already works like it should. For instance in 1 Char All Areas, Zigouigoui is 1st for Fish and Eyes, while being 11th for Steroids.

So yeah, we can go for either option 1 or option 2 (or neither) to give more visibility to char specific lb, but it's noteworthy that you can already access it right now so putting your different characters' pb on SRC is not a waste. I've added Tantuz's pb for each character in Any% if you want some competition on there. 🙂


Filter are nice, but there aren't that great about visibility. You really has to be looking for it if you want to find other caracter than the fastest of someone. And that ain't display in people profil.
Otherwise, change made look nice to me!