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i've been doing attempts of the new category all character unlocks, and haven't gotten the rogue unlock on both of the runs i've "finished" (one run missed chicken because no last wish, the other was a 7:03 RTA that ended up with every character except rogue).

all the top 3 runs get the unlock with no problem, and as far as i can tell i've done nothing different and the unlock method isn't working even though i'm killing both throne 1 and throne 2. this category is already frustrating enough (1/9 chance for screwdriver in 1-1, last wish rng, chests exploding gold car on 3-1, portals destroying rad canisters while trying to spawn horror, having to reset save every other run, along with all the other wonderful RNG in your normal throne runs) and i'm honestly confused why the unlock isn't working for me. any ideas, i was reading a bit it's a known bug for the rogue unlock to not occur occasionally...


There is a way to glitch the Rogue Unlocking ^^
You should get on the Throne 2 when he's exploding and the glitch "unlock rogue" will work 😉


Yeah, Rogue is unlocked by sitting on a throne. You can't sit on Throne I because you need to loop for Rebel, but you can kinda sit on Throne II. Which means Boiling Veins is almost a must have, so even more rng on top of all the rng. Definitely not a category I'll bother grinding.


oh boy, i probably won't bother then. thanks for letting me know to both of you