Broken Secret Exits
4 years ago
Washington, USA

Recently, I was playing the randomizer any% and I ran into a pretty big issue. 8-2 gave me 3-5 secret. The issue with that and 3-4 is that the secret exits require the red switch. I would suggest someone update the readme to say to delete the 3-4 and 3-5 files

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Pays de la Loire, France

From rules: "Optionally, 3-5 can be locked as well to avoid getting it in 1-3, 5-G, or 8-2 and having to go to world 3 to hit the switch or using a different route."

Washington, USA

Sorry, I’m dumb lol. I would add 3-4 to that too as well, though. Since that secret exit is also broken.

Minnesota, USA

The secret exit in 3-4 is the one you get first to go to the red switch, so it's not broken afaik.

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