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Does Curran Joseph's low% no w5 tas make people want to do runs like that or would it be too boring?


low% is already not super popular so i don't think many people would want to run that, but it's a really cool tas

obviously if you want to go for it though

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this low% no world 5 run by turtz exists if you want something to go off of

nobody really runs this because the overworld ice bros in W3 can cost you a lot of time, wheras in any% no world 5 (and regular cannonless), you are allowed to use overworld items to get rid of them with no trouble. but by all means if you want to run the category go for it


The main reason why Low% No World 5 will most likely never become popular is partly due to a few things.

1.) In Low%, you cannot pick up any powerups. This would make some points in the run, like 6-6, extremely unbearable due to either having to sit on a raft for minutes on end or take the risky route of swimming to the end, which has no consistent routing to my knowledge.
2.) A trick in 2-4 is required to skip 2-5 (2-6 is much slower) is harder than the 1-3 shell jump off of the area where in Any%, you would typically spin up to and enter the pipe to enter the cannon to World 5. It is an inconsistent airborne shell jump.
3.) Cannonless is extremely long already. The record is an hour and thirty minutes right now. With low%, I would guess that it would be at worst two and a 1/2 hours long. And that is all without being able to hit a checkpoint once in that amount of time.

I am still new to the community in terms of knowledge so I am not sure if this is accurate, but I tried so 😛

(also thanks for linking my video Mudkip <3)

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